Bloody typical

So here I am, all fired up and ready to go, setting up a website, getting things just how I want them, ready to take my first spin in the blogosphere, when up out of nowhere comes the mother of all colds and it takes me down like a lioness with a baby gazelle. I haven't drunk wine this week because, at this point, the energy it takes to drink water seems to be dehydrating me. Therefore I haven't been blogging.  Stalled before I've even begun.

I'm beginning to crawl out from under the the fug of eucalyptus and that horrible snotty sweaty smell I'm currently exuding but this post is definitely not what I was planning. I had grand visions of fixing the current state of stand up comedy with a wry and witty worm's-eye view post, or saving Britain from itself with a heartfelt rant on the destruction of our NHS; instead you have me whinging about having a cold and using torturous metaphors that I'm too addle-pated to remedy. Ho-hum. Onwards and upwards i suppose.