Games for Children (for parents)

This is a list of games that children should be encouraged to play when parents are feeling fragile, on New Year's Day, for example.

1. Musical chairs (without music - it's essentially just sitting on a chair)
2. Sleeping lions who have taken a powerful sedative
3. Who can make the quietest sound?
4. Who can cross the room the slowest?
5. Hide (there is no seeker)
6. Who can sort the most lego bricks according to colour?
7. Who can be this statue for longest?
8. Who can stay the furthest away from daddy?
9. Who can make the best bloody mary/cup of tea/cappuccino for mummy? 
10. Who can stay in bed the longest? - in our house there is little point in playing this one.  I am the winner, I am always the winner.