On a wing and a prayer

I didn't blog last night as I was off doing actual stand up. It was at the lovely lovely Big Nose Comedy - I saw some great acts, Sophie Henderson in particular was bloody brilliant. For me, it was my most hair raising one yet - it's the first time I've gone in underprepared, without the set fully memorised beforehand. I've had to wing it a couple of times when I realise I've forgotten a chunk (usually my best bit) and have had to slot in another bit to round out my five minutes.  I feel like a fucking superhero when I do this smoothly. But this was the first time I wasn't confident that I knew the whole thing.  I was really wobbling when I got there - I'm such a good schoolgirl I can't let anyone down so I turned up expecting to pull out - but sweetheart Aaron Levene, punsmith extraordinaire, really helped me to buck my ideas up, so I did it.  I bloody did it. I even wrote an actual, honest to goodness proper joke for the theme of the night - which was North Korea testing a possible H bomb: 

Kin Jong Un has moved south.  He wanted a change of career. (it works when you say it.)

I got laughs.. there was a bit of tap-dancing as I struggled to get my ideas out of my mouth in actual intelligible english at one point but I did it.  I bloody did it. 
Now should I listen to the recording or not?