I love Jane Espenson, I have ever since Buffy.  I will watch most things with her name attached to them, usually multiple times, so when I saw she had started the hashtag #writingsprint on twitter I was ready to jump on board. The idea is that she gives a 10 minute warning and then, usually at the top of the hour, she encourages her followers to focus on a project, any project, for an hour. It's a lovely, inclusive way of becoming part of a creative community... if you live on the west coast of America. I'm always hours behind her and usually only catch tweets saying 'writing sprint finished' or 'I'm keeping going' and this doesn't inspire me - it makes me feel I've missed an opportunity to be part of something bigger; it's an unnecessary feeling, there's nothing there that stops me using this as a cue even if I'm not on LA time, but as much as I like the idea it hasn't worked for me. 

So for those of us on Greenwich Mean Time I'm starting my own hashtag #wineoclockblues and I will tweet it from my @finisfunny account every school night when the kids have wound me up and the thirst kicks in (which is almost every night to be honest) and you can join me if you want.  You can put down the corkscrew and pick up a pen, a laptop, a knitting needle (probably 2 of those) and create rather than consume.

Thanks Jane, I pour tea from my mug in libation.