The Little Things

When you've been with someone for a long time, love isn't about dramatic grand gestures and single special days.  It's about ongoing care and consideration and kindness. It is about endurance. I've been thinking about the small things we do all year that help us to show we love each other.

  • Buying the kind of bread the other one likes - granary loaf or giraffe bread, that 50/50 stuff is only suitable for the under 10's.
  • Warming up their* side of the bed - this is the purest form of self-sacrifice

  • Changing the head on the electric toothbrush so they don't have to - especially important when they're pissed and malcoordinated. 

  • Washing their lucky pants before a big event; championship match, job interview, that kind of thing - we've been married for 10 years, the wedding day lucky pants should probably be sent to the big laundromat in the sky, shouldn't they?

  • Sending them a link to an article they'll find interesting and not being upset when you discover they haven't found the time to read it - easier said than done

  • Accepting skimmed milk into your fridge even though you think it is an abomination unto God 

  • Listening to a song you detest because you like the way they dance to it

  • Taking the kids to the park so the other one can have some alone time and not being annoyed that they still haven't found time to read that article - well not showing that you're annoyed at any rate.

  • Bringing them a cup of coffee in bed every morning (I'm pretty certain I'm the only married person who gets this but I can't resist the opportunity to brag about how awesome my husband is.)

Happy Valentines Day and all the other days too.


*I am delighted to be using the gender neutral 'they' throughout this article.  Thanks for validating me OED.