Charles and Burn

This is a wine o'clock blues post that I am writing solely to stave off the drinking. Also it is nice to have a record of my son's first story (as it has already receive water damage in its paper form) and the internet seems a good place to bung it so I can look back on it later.  It is clear that my son has recently learned about adjectives in school (but not tautology). I love this story but I doubt you will. You might want to give this post a miss.

Once upon a time, long long ago there was a brave handsome dragon called Burn. If you want to know about him here you go: he was anti-evil, he helped those in need but most importantly he helped his owner Charles the knight. He saved Burn from an evil wizard when Burn was a baby with long-lost parents. Burn liked Charles so much he wanted to live with the brave fearless knight. One sunny morning Burn and Charles had heard there was a thief in the city! "We need to stop him!" Charles said to Burn. "Your right" said Burn so of they went. It was a long journey into the city but Burn had a grate idea. It was that Charles jumped onto Burns back and they flew there. They spoted the thief and saw him with a stowlen teddy bear so Burn blew out some fire to get his attention and Burn swooped down. The thief wanted this! As Charles jumped of the dragons back, that naughty guy threw a net over Burn. "No!" shouted Charles as the thief took Burn away in a "thiefs only" jeep. Charles aimed his sword at the engine, just as the jeep drove away the knight shot. "Horay!" said Charles joyfully because as Charles threw the sword it hit hte engine. "Thanks" said Burn "Shall we call the police?" asked Charles. 'Prrrrr, obvs" said Burn so thats what they did. A few days later they went to Spain and found a burgerler stealing a toybus and tried to catch him but he jumped over a wall and he got away! "Burn!" shouted Charles "go fly over and get him and I'll go the hard way." "No you won't" answered Burn "I'll fly y'over." so up they flew. the bugerler was only coming down the wall  (because as he came up from his jump her found that it was too high, so while Charles and Burn weren't watching he climbed up) so they caught him. On their journey back to America (that was where they lived) an air crimanal attacked their plane! "Burn!" shouted Charles "Way ahead of you" said Burn and he turned himself into ice and blew fire at the air crimanal and waited... and waited some more. The thief looked back and creeped over and inspected Burn carefully and then he saw him twitch! "No!" shouted the knight angrily as the air crimanal took a gun out of his pocket! He was just about to shoot when Charles threw his sword into the way and there was a colosal [picture of a flame] and it blew the air crimanal away. Wen they arrived home they found all the people they had fought. "It's movie style time!" said Charles. "I know what you mean," said Burn "so lets do this!!!" So they all fought like at the end of Captain America Civil War and it was two versus three but Charles and Burn won and they called their "police company" and got a trophei from the queen.

The end.